About Me

Take a real good look. Do we look happy? What do you think? I kinda think we do.

I'm the kid on the right. The kid with the buckteeth and the TERRIBLE dress posing for her fourth-grade school pictures. There was a piece of cardboard in the front of the dress that was supposed to be, what? A bodice? A kiddie version of a Victorian corset? I don't know. These dresses were all the rage in mid-80s, kids' fashion and, really, WTF were people thinking? They were about as comfortable and weird as you'd guess.

My sister is pretty miserable here as well. I think she gives it away more than me--she's a little squinty about the eyes. She was in seventh grade, hated her bangs, and mortified to be in a sweatshirt. She didn't know it was picture day, apparently. Mom forgot too. Lucky her. I mean, come on. It was the eighties--everyone had bangs; everyone had sweatshirts with the collar popped. And who looks cooler now? It ain't the cardboard kid, I can tell ya that.

I suppose I should put something about who I am now. You're not here for my trip down memory lane. (Though if you've read this far, I've dragged you along. Apologies.) I'm a writer. Duh. You know that already. I grew up. Moved away. Moved back. Moved away. Moved back. (Yeah) Got some degrees. Then got some more. (Too many, truth be told. I liked school a little too much.) Probably why I'm a teacher now.

That kid in the photo? She'd probably have some things to say to me. Some things that weren't so nice. She'd be a little disappointed in where things are at the moment, but I bet she'd be pretty happy about some other stuff too. She's still rooting for me though. I can tell. I'm rooting for us too.

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